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What is the best cutter machine?

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What is the best cutter machine?
Latest company news about What is the best cutter machine?

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Clothing companies and leather product processing companies, in fact, did not say the best choice when purchasing an automatic cutting machine. They should choose the cutting machine that is most suitable for their use conditions. ,

The first thing to explain is, why choose an automatic cutting machine?

The automatic cutting bed can be said to be the perfect combination of the model room and the cutting room. This fairly complete and flexible system can maximize the use of various CAD-designed clothing data, highly integrated automation, software, fabric cutting and other technologies, and automatically complete the pattern-making , nesting, spreading and cutting the whole process. Even the most experienced and skilled cutter cannot guarantee 100% stable cutting quality, but the high-tech cutter design can ensure that the first layer of fabric is exactly the same as the last layer of cutting quality. The automatic cutting bed can set different parameters for cutting according to different characteristics of fabrics and cutting schemes, thereby greatly improving cutting efficiency and saving power consumption. By analyzing production data, simulating different production situations, giving the best nesting combination, providing cutting analysis data, calculating spreading and cutting time, accurately estimating fabric demand, and laying the foundation for correct purchasing decisions and workload allocation. So compared with manual cutting, what are the advantages of automatic cutting machine that are worth buying?


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In terms of precision and quality, the automatic cutting bed will vacuum absorb the fabric during cutting, and fix the fabric on the cutting table, which can ensure that there will be no slippage during the cutting process, which cannot be avoided by manual cutting. The automatic cutting bed automatically cuts according to the plan when the CAD template is prepared. Generally, there will be no cutting size and uneven edges that occur in manual cutting. During the cutting process, the software will set parameters such as the cutting sequence, cutting direction and cutting speed according to the cutting conditions of various fabrics, so as to ensure high-quality cutting. For some fine cutting, such as notch opening, wavy lace, middle opening, etc., manual cutting cannot be realized, but automatic cutting bed can easily realize it, and the cutting is accurate and smooth.


Therefore, compared with the traditional production mode, the automatic cutting machine can better enhance the corporate image, improve the production environment, reduce work intensity, improve product quality, greatly improve the grade and competitiveness of the product, thereby increasing the profit of the enterprise. Due to the improved cutting quality of the pieces, the post-sewing efficiency is also improved. Compared with traditional electric scissors, the sewing efficiency in the later stage of the cutting bed is increased by 5%. Reduce material costs, and zero-spacing cutting in the cutting process greatly improves the utilization rate of fabrics. The use of the automatic cutting bed improves the stability of cutting and output, making the production data more accurate, so as to arrange production; reduces the labor utilization rate, and clarifies the responsibility of the operator; reduces the internal friction of quality management, saves fabrics, and improves the cutting efficiency. quality.

Intelligent manufacturing has been the key to the continuous thinking and implementation of clothing and fashion enterprises in recent years, and it is also the core strategy of most clothing and fashion enterprises for a long time in the future. The smart cutting bed is one of the most important equipment before sewing, so whether it needs to be updated after purchasing a few years ago, or needs to be added recently, how to choose the right cutting machine is also a matter worth considering. .

(1) Data and data reuse

The core of intelligence is the ability to have data and data reuse on the basis of automation, so collecting data at any time and having an open data interface must be the primary factor for enterprises to consider. Even if the conditions for using the Internet of Things (IOT) are immature, sooner or later there will be a need.

(2) Speed, number of layers, cutting quality, energy consumption

Speed, number of layers, cutting quality, energy consumption, etc. are the core indicators of the intelligent cutting machine itself. Many customers are sensitive to price first, but ignore the core performance indicators of computerized cutting machines. What really widens the cost-effective gap is that the sensitivity of performance indicators is far higher than that of price indicators.

(3) Machine stability

Machine stability, whether it has long-term durability and constant cutting ability, is the core performance index for evaluating intelligent cutting machines. There was once a customer who used a cheaper cutting machine and was very happy at the beginning because it was cheaper. But I regretted it a few months later, because basically there were 3 or more failures in a month, from warranty to repair, each time was equal to 2 days without production, and the loss was huge. The stability of the equipment and its peak continuous 24-hour start-up capability are very important assessment elements.

(4) Value-added service capabilities

The assessment of service ability is no longer as simple as the distance of engineers. The development of the network makes online services possible. Of course, timeliness is also very important. More importantly, whether the manufacturer has the ability to provide value-added services and help customers tap more potential lean improvement capabilities. Through industry experience and professional suppliers, optimize the logic of cutting and bed separation, optimize the layout and coordination, and strive for more fabric saving and efficiency improvement while ensuring the cutting quality.


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